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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes, sign-up now and you’ll get access to Replyforce 100% for free. No credit cards required. Zero catches.

Why do you only accept 5000 new users per quarter onto your free plan?

We know that there’s millions of sales reps that want access to Replyforce and we wish we could give everyone access. At this stage we’re more concerned with scaling our platform slowly so we ensure 100% up time, we can respond to feedback from our customer base and give them excellent support. We’ll take this cap off soon enough.

How is Replyforce different from MailChimp or other email marketing software?

Email marketing tools are designed for marketers to send out bulk commercial messaging like newsletters to opt-in databases or auto respond to a warm website lead. Replyforce is specifically designed for salespeople who want to conduct cold email outreach to generate more leads.

Where does Replyforce get its data from?

The Replyforce database is created using a combination of AI tools which trawl the web for contact and account intelligence, official government data sources, postal registrations, resources from Bloomberg, Reuters and Crunchbase as well as numerous partners and our own data research team.

What type of mailboxes does Replyforce integrate with?

You must have an Office 365 or G-Suite mailbox to integrate with Replyforce. Please note that G-Suite is not the same as Googles free Gmail solution.

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